LOW SODIUM - No added salt

A South Indian curry sauce prepared with aromatically rich, all natural ingredients. Ideal for cooking/simmering using your favorite fresh or frozen vegetables & tofu. A creamy, fresh coconut based cooking/simmer sauce. Use 2-3lb vegetable/tofu for one 12 oz bottle.

All natural Gluten free product; NO MSG, artificial colors or preservatives. No fillers, corn syrup or modified food starch.

Kerala Curry Kurma Recipe: Serves 6-8

Lentil 1/4 Cup Chick Peas 1/4 lb
Potato cubed 1/2 lb Green Peas 1/4 lb Cauliflower 1/4 lb Carrot Cubed 1/4 lb
Onion diced 1/4 lb

Cook Lentil in 2 cups water, add rest of vegetables and Kerala Curry Vegetable Kurma and cook until vegetables are done and gravy thickens. Makes about 3.5 lb of South Indian Vegetable Curry.

Packaging: 12 x 12 oz bottles

Product of USA